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GoOffice Plan Features:

  800 toll free number - Add the professionalism of an 800 toll free number to your business. Expand your business from local to nationwide while adding the security of not giving out your personal home or cell phone numbers. Your 800 toll free number is accessible from anywhere in the US and Canada.
  Virtual Office - get all your voicemail, fax, and email in one location. Configure your MS Outlook to get all your messages sent to your existing account, or use the powerful GoSolo secure inbox, which is accessible from virtually any computer with Internet access.
  Professional Answering Service - communicates with your callers and navigates them through your calling directions and enhanced voicemail. Have your virtual personal assistant take all your incoming calls from now on.
  Speech Recognition - navigate your address book and voicemail system with the power of your voice. The GoSolo speech recognition system command features are available in touch-tone of voice. In addition, you can have your emails read back to you with our text-to-speech feature.
  Find Me - a customer favorite, allows your Go800 toll free number calls to be routed to nine different telephone destinations in priority sequence or simultaneously. You control the time of availability and number of rings for each phone destination.
  Call Whisper - screen your callers. Call whisper feature tells you who is calling, and then you decide whether to take the call or send them to your enhanced voice mail system.
  Call Forwarding - simple forwarding of calls to your 800 toll free number from one device to another when you're on the go.
  Inbound Fax - have faxes sent to your 800 toll free number and view them in your inbox as a PDF or TIF document.
  Outbound Fax - send faxes right from your PC. Send almost any industry standard document to any fax destination including fax machines, other GoOffice accounts or fax-enabled computers. Fax most popular file types - MS Office, Adobe PDF, Images, etc.
  Audio Conferencing - add the power of a professional audio conferencing bridge to your business. Your conferencing center is easy to setup and use and powerful enough for any size company allowing you to meet with up to 50 callers. Your audio conferencing bridge is available by calling your 800 toll free number with a calling rate of only 6.9 per minute per caller. Your GoConferencing audio conferencing account is feature rich in the areas that matter most. You can setup a "Meet Me" audio conference with invitations, PIN numbers, payment options, etc. Or you can create an "Express" audio conference when you're on the fly that doesn't require a PIN code and is opened immediately.
  Optional - Web Conferencing - add the convenience of a full-featured Web conferencing solution to your business. You can share and present presentations using the most popular software (including MS PowerPoint, MS Office, MS Excel, and others) with people across the country, without the monthly cost, travel expenses, or the jet lag. Your GoConferencing Web conferencing account works on any computer with dialup speed of 28.8Kbps or higher so you can connect with almost everyone with an Internet connection.
  Call history - see who called your 800 toll free number with a full list of calls per day. Since the caller ID phone feature to calls to 800 numbers cannot be turned off, you get a complete call history - even if the caller didn't leave a message.


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