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800 Toll-free number provides you with a professional image!

Go800 Toll-Free Number Features:

  800 Toll-Free Number - Add the professionalism of an 800 toll-free number to your business. Expand your business from local to nationwide while adding the security of not giving out your personal home or cell phone numbers. Your 800 toll-free number is accessible from anywhere in the US and Canada.
  Enhanced Voicemail - voicemail is there when you're unavailable. All messages are accessible via secure telephone or Web. 'Reply to Message' feature allows you to quickly return calls without dialing.
  Find Me - a customer favorite, allows your Go800 toll-free number calls to be routed up to nine different telephone destinations in priority sequence or simultaneously. You control the time of availability and number of rings for each phone destination.
  Call Forwarding - simple forwarding of calls to your 800 toll-free number from one device to another when you're on the go.
  Call Whisper - screen your callers. Call whisper feature tells you who is calling, and then you decide whether to take the call or send them to your enhanced voice mail system.
  Call history - see who called your 800 toll-free number, even if they didn't leave a message.


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